Welcome to Our Collective Resignation

I haven’t been blogging for some time. Life gets in the way with all the nagging things that scream for attention. It’s also difficult finding the mental space to blog these days. Everything is happening on social media. Quick comments, posts, photos. It’s all there. I catch up with life events there, witness arguments of all kinds.

Free entertainment.

Blogging is more of a solitary undertaking, even though there is interaction, but different.

I did miss it, though. The pouring of thoughts, feelings, and experiences – writing, reading, all of it. Blogging is a unique medium. In some ways, better than social media. Less drama. And hey, do we need less drama or what?

Nothing will change.

You know what that means? Someone else is hearing this exact comment out there, and it sounds like an encouragement.

Driving out and about today, I heard someone on the radio talk about the recent shooting at an elementary school in Texas. One particular comment left an impression – the guest saying we have become resigned to such tragic events. Worse, we keep saying that nothing will change.

So not only are we resigned to what’s happening, but we keep saying nothing will change, hence encouraging more such events. Because if something so awful happens, and we collectively shrug our shoulders and sink to a tacit acceptance, it’s like green lighting such horrors.

We can do nothing.

The human mind is uniquely qualified to recall the past, plan for the future, reason abstractly and navigate complex situations; but here, we can ca do nothing.

I sit here and wonder how parents who take this view of doing nothing really feel. They send their kids to school as well. Do they worry? They must. School shootings are happening in a wide range of districts affecting people from all walks of life. There is no reason to believe it would not affect their neighborhood.

It affected my area in 2019 at a high school 4 miles away from the school my kid was in that day. Our school went on automatic lockdown and we all held our breaths. Next day, a politician came on TV and said something to the effect this is a small price to pay.

I have to imagine the same politician would say the same thing is something like this happened at his kids’ school. Or would that be different?

I don’t know. I’m just throwing questions our there in the universal void of our collective resignation.

Because it appears the human mind has found one problem that is absolutely unable to solve. No matter which way we turn it, twist it, look at it.

The brilliant collective human mind has come up against a wall it cannot scale, penetrate, bulldoze. Blow to smithereens. Our brains have reached maximum capacity.

It was mean to happen eventually, right?


phot credit: pixabay

10 responses to “Welcome to Our Collective Resignation

  1. I, and hoping many many others, are inflamed. There’s one powerful thing we can all do, and that’s vote. Yes, Every. Vote. Counts. We need to get those who refuse to do anything about their precious guns out of office. And this is not the only issue that will affect most Americans in some way if the Republicans take control of Congress. Should I make the list, it’s quite long? Volunteer if you can to get the vote out. But please please vote. And yes, I’m volunteering to get the vote out to defeat every last Republican who is only in there for their own money and power.

  2. The world is no longer a safe place. Our legislatures are working for corporations and working to receive money from the corporations. Our legislatures are not working to help the people they represent. It is SO SAD!

  3. It is a problem with our country and lawmakers. Other countries took immediate action and passed strict gun laws.

  4. Hi Silvia – unfortunately our politics has become polarised … we need to have a more open outlook on life – and realise there are ways we can all pull this world into a better place. It’s appalling to find ourselves where we are – we need to set examples for others and follow through. I feel for so many at the moment – don’t stop blogging when you can – all the best – Hilary

  5. Resignation sadness discouragement, yes. It’s hard to blog.

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