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Hobbies are Life

We need hobbies or we go nuts.

Hobbies keep us engaged in something we enjoy. Otherwise, life is just school, school, work, work. We need something that brings a smile and reminds us – there’s more to life than running around from one deadline to the next.

My big hobby is writing.

Writing is therapeutic. It’s a solitary endeavor filled with introspection.

But the thing is, our world is loud and full of advice. Writing advice, particularly publishing advice, can take the fun out of writing. And the noise is constant. So, how do we manage?

Well, we write for ourselves. When we write for ourselves we write with passion and power. Most times, if the passion and power are there, the writing will be relatable to readers.

Five years ago, after many years of writing, I was offered a publishing contract. The mysterious world of publishing opened itself up to my curiosity, and a great new partnership began. I learned a lot about the publishing side of writing, and while beneficial, it took me away from the actual art of writing.

I almost lost myself in this new world of numbers and public relations. I like the public relations side better than the numbers side, but a publisher requires knowledge of both.

When my contract came up for renewal this year, I said: no more. I want to do it on my own, write and publish for myself, particularly since the next book in the series will be out next year.

Hence a new edition of STRANGER OR FRIEND was born, under new cover and with minor additions. A week from today, my newly selfied mystery novel will be out in the world.

Your humble correspondent offers the book trailer above, for what I hope is your enjoyment.

Creativity and Promotion

Creativity and promotion can coexist, but often butt heads.

As in my example. My publisher is running a promotion for my book, STRANGER OR FRIEND, (link here and book image, right side) and I totally forgot. To my defense, we had a big fire in the area yesterday, there were ashes everywhere, horrible traffic in every direction, and we could see the smoke and hear the water helicopters late into the night.


That aside, my wonderful publisher is running a promotion and the book is listed on several sites, Discounted Kindle Books and  Booklovers Heaven, so I thought I’d get myself organized and mention this wonderful event.

I was told the eBook is offered for $0.99 today, it goes to $1.99 tomorrow and $2.99 the day after.

And now that the bags are almost packed, we’re on our way to Coronado Island, finally.


image: abcmedia