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Resistance and Adaptation

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One of the first things we learn about babies is that they are resilient. Meaning we start building resilience at an early stage in life, ready to deal with challenges. Ready to adapt.  

If we take the long view, we are rapidly adjusting to a changing world. Scientists call this our plasticity – the capacity to bend and mold.

Where there is Adaptation, there is Resistance.

While a year is not a long duration, it’s been interesting watching our behavior during the pandemic, when our ability to bend and mold was called upon. Tough times reveal who we are, right? As individuals and as society.

Much of what’s been happening is shaped by political views, sure. We form tribes. Yet, even some of the hardest politicos among us – those raging against science – are quietly looking out for their health (distancing, vaccine). On a personal level, the majority of us believe the scientific findings. It’s just that conventional findings don’t always align with political views.

Of course, there are those who practice what they preach. They have not, do not, and will not believe the science. Or they line up behind unofficial medical views. More, they see what’s happening as an infringement on liberty. On their right to do as they please.

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Resistance and Adaptation.

Is that what we’re going through now? A transitional time between the forces of resistance and adaptation? If so, I wonder what might come of it – advancements or setbacks? Or just bad memories?

It wouldn’t be the first time this happens, if we look at past pandemics and the way people reacted then. Science tells us that we are hardwired to resist change.

Part of the brain – the amygdala – interprets change as a threat. Loss of control – Scientific American

It’s difficult to live with something for so long then be told to adapt. Change begins to look like a threat and someone must be blamed.

Someone Must be Blamed.

That’s the scary part. Historically, someone was always blamed during hard times. There is latent hostility in society, constantly there, just below the surface. In trying times, latent hostility manifests as full-blown hatred toward … someone. A way of saying no to change.

Resistance and Adaptation.

Are we in a transition phase? The growing pains of adaptation, maybe?

credit: Pixabay