Monthly Archives: January 2016

To Walk Less Briskly


I can remember it vividly. The moment I got off the freeway this morning, and from this high point called Santa Suzanna Pass, I could see a blanket of fog covering the valley below. That natural tableau yanked my mind off its spinning wheel.

Rushing down the freeway to another appointment, another chore, another must-do thing either work or home related, I had closed off my mind to everything else.

I had forgotten not to force life on my way through it.

To let it unfold. Let it flow.

Make sure I enjoy the little moments. The scenery outside my window and feelings it creates.

Always in such a hurry to achieve the next goal. Tackle the next adventure. Sacrificing the now.

The future is unknown and largely out of our control.

Sure, it’s great to have direction and purpose. But investing oneself completely in the future and what it holds, we’re left with little for the present.

So, I slowed down and took a picture. Thought about sharing it here together with the story behind it. The picture doesn’t do the natural beauty justice, but that’s the thing with phone cameras.

Soon after, I made a few mental notes resolving to sip my coffee slower each morning. Walk less briskly. Let the environment soak me in sights, sounds, and smells. Blog more, share more stories (while blogging reentered the picture I signed up for the Blogging from A through Z Challenge)

Make the most out of life. Embrace and share those experiences. As our life-loving French friends say: Vivre la vie.