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Run from It

File:Dark Clouds at Bheemunipatnam.jpg

Don’t take too long to run.

It took a moment before I knew I waited too long.

So what, I thought, I’ll get a little wet. It’s only water.

Two drops fell from the sky, stinging my arms. More followed … and more. It was a shock beyond plain wetness; brutally cold raindrops hitting like shells.

I should have hurried earlier. I should have run back home.

The wind ripped through, bending the top of the trees. How could a weather front bring such cold air in the middle of summer?

How could life go from bright and light to dark so fast?

But it did.

Now, the sun dipped below the horizon and the dark clouds rolled in quickly, casting strange shadows across the landscape. It was upon us, flinging itself at the world, moaning, as if trying to talk, to curse … or maybe cry.  A giant of a storm.

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Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons – public use


Like No Music You’d Heard Before

You enter the restaurant and are plunged into the ambiance, all senses stimulated at the same time.

The look of the place, the smell, the visual textures, the temperature … but the music — the melody heavy with mood — takes you somewhere, and a story plays in your head — one about lovers and secrets.

The music is designed to leave a mark, or at least a favorable first impression.

It’s trendy, it’s new, and it makes you wonder if the designers spent any time worrying about the cooks or the menu. The food probably tastes like cardboard. There is too much ambiance for the food to matter.

It takes you a moment to realize you are surrounded by a marketing concept — design with a selling purpose in mind.

You’re torn between walking away and staying, when the young maitre d’, wearing a silky brown dress, struts her way past a row of tables and toward you.

The combination of stylish art and neon lights pull you in. But more so the tune — they call it music, but it’s like no music you’d ever heard before.

There is still time — not much — and you must decide. Should you stay or should you go?

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Image Credit: music art on tumblr