Monthly Archives: March 2020

Life as We Knew It

Hintersteinersee Lake, Lake, Kitzbühel, Austria, Nature

Life as we knew it has taken a back seat to nature’s dictum. 

Here we are, the powerful humans — or so we think — now, the backstory to a narrative long in the making. We can pinpoint to exact reasons we’re staying indoors these days (as we should). But upon reflection, once layers of grievances are peeled to the heart of the issue, what do we find?

That we had it coming. In some way or other. The world as a whole, not any one person in particular. But the particularity of the person — the utter focus on the self to the detriment of the whole, which nature is part of — turned the collective attention away from that which benefits us all. 

I don’t know exactly what that is, but if I were to pick one word to describe it, it would be Nature. Something we are all part of. Something we should try harder to protect. 

Pasqueflower, Pasque Flower, Dew

But how?

One example, which I’m often guilty of:  Staying tuned to what’s going on is vital, yet all too often, a big part of me wants to retreat internally. Take care of my business. Focus on me and what’s immediately around me. And that’s not necessarily bad; it’s what makes us strong. But it’s not enough, is it? How can it be enough?

So, yes, life as we knew it will return to normal. A reassuring yet disturbing thought, because it was much of that previous normal that brought us here. I sure hope we use this pause to try and create a better normal all around. 

Photos credit: pixabay