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#SandFire, Los Angeles


The ongoing L.A. fire (or Sand Fire, given its starting location on Sand Canyon Rd., one hour north of downtown), has scorched over 33,000 acres of mostly foothill. And three days later, it keeps raging. Several homes have been destroyed, and thousands of people are under mandatory evacuation orders. As of now, there is one fatality.

Wildfires aren’t a unique feature on the Southern California landscape, given our high temperatures, low humidity, and wild winds. Still, this fire is about as massive and scary as I remember. 

While not close enough to be dangerous to us, there is smoke and ash everywhere. It’s been a somber time around here, watching the erratic flames destroy farms, houses, come close to a wildlife refuge.

It’s also been reassuring watching communities come together, people taking in friends and strangers. When the call went out, Southern Californians lined up with their trailers to help evacuate exotic animals from the Waystation center — chimps, tigers and other such animals. People continue to do the best they can under the circumstances, and leave the rest to the firefighters, who’ve been at it for days with hardly a break.

Watching the fire from afar leaves one mostly speechless. Here are two photos from our front yard, a friend’s balcony — and above, from the local media.


Image credit: abc7.com

Los Angeles ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge


Los Angeles is a great collection of neighborhoods, not really a city even if classified as one, at least not in the same sense New York is. We have a downtown area but the strength of the place lies in its suburbia — a great many communities.

This is the place I’ve called home for the past twenty-three years — the city of open ideas, some crazy ideas, LOTS of opinions, different cultures and languages, beaches and mountains and valleys, colorful flora and interesting views. 

If I lived anywhere else, I’d find it easy to hate Los Angeles given its portrayal of Holywwod-ness and laid-back-ness, which, of course, is not what Los Angeles is about.


How This Pertains to the Story

As we were finishing the edits for Stranger or Friend, my copy editor asked if I’m working on the next Zoe Sinclair book? An interesting question because I was working on something else.

However, I had cut a couple of chapters from Stranger or Friend, which the editor’s question brought back to mind. Sure they didn’t fit the current novel, but maybe there was more to Zoe Sinclair’s story in them. What if Zoe wants to talk to me a little more?

Lately, she has been talking — not much, but talking — and we’ve made a pact: whatever she gives me, if anything, she must give on her own terms. So, we’ll wait and see. One aspect of the new novel, should there be one, is certain: the setting for the next Zoe Sinclair novel will most definitely be Los Angeles.


Images: globaltraveltorusim.blogspot.com; wallpicshd.com