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Love Yourself First

Much of my day-to-day life is centered on making sure my family is okay. Hours of thinking go into worrying about what they need, and do they have it. If not, how can I get it to them as soon as possible.

It’s how love works, right?

Love for those close to us, but what about love for the self?

Sometimes, it seems easier to love others than it does to love one self. Yet, self-appreciation and love are not only important to our well-being but an important part of developing healthy relationships with others.  

Who wants to be around someone who forgets to love themselves? Yet, even though I realize how important self-love is, I’m guilty.

I forget to let things slide sometimes and don’t drive myself crazy. I forget to get more sleep. Or to just lie on the bed and do absolutely nothing, but stare at the ceiling if that’s what my heart desires at that particular moment.

I forget to spend more time pampering myself, doing that facial mask I’ve always wanted to do — you know the one with avocado and egg white and olive oil, and antioxidants, and all those wonderful, relaxing things mixed together.

I forget to push against negative opinions. To avoid perfectionism. To reach out.

I forget to focus on things I like about myself, and keep working toward my goals. I forget to be my own biggest cheerleader and work toward overcoming obstacles instead of calling myself names when I make mistakes. To embrace myself literally and figuratively, because … why not?

To love others as they need and deserve to be loved, we need to love and inspire and motivate ourselves. First.

Those are the things I need to work on. What about you?


Images: pixabay, dosti-sblog