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Awake #atozchallenge


I had a dream I was awake and I woke up to find myself asleep.Stan Laurel

A description, perhaps, of surreal images as reality cuts into dream, or our perception of the world from the edge of semi-consciousness. 

Either way, to be awake is to be conscious, correct? Even if stimulants such as coffee play a role. For the most part, however, we’re conscious of our surroundings and ourselves once we’re awake. 

But just how truly awake to the world are we? Does the simple state of being conscious mean being fully awake — mentally, emotionally awake?

I think not.

Awareness, self or otherwise, plays a huge role in being mindful. From time to time, while fully awake, I find myself adrift, unable to let things get through. So, what reaches the consciousness beyond mere presence?

As many things as there are humans in the world, no doubt.  I’m guessing for many spirituality plays a huge role. Passion …

… I find creativity helps treat life with a deep sense of awareness. A rich imagination. Inspiration. One must observe in order to create. Observing the world though storytelling eyes incorporates mindfulness into everyday moments.

Sure, we could get lost in moments of deep observation — I do — but even so, I usually re-emerge with parts of the story in my head. Parts that don’t always make it on paper, but they’re there, so present I could almost touch them.

What helps you be more aware of details, of the world around?

Moments Big and Small


The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.  – Albert Einstein

After a wild 2015 — novel publication and promotion — I’ve been craving a life of small moments dedicated to reading, writing, and, of course, family.

There’s joy and peace in small moments.  Moments so small they don’t get mentioned. These are some of the most beautiful, liberating, and authentic experiences.

Let’s not neglect the big moments, of course. From a young age, we’ve been told to strive for something big — college, profession, marrying the right person, giving a speech in front of thousands of people. There is nothing wrong with that, except I want to focus on those overlooked and sometimes forgotten times.

The times we let life happen, and in the process — perhaps without trying — we prepare for big moments, such as the A to Z Blogging Challenge coming up next month. And the Theme Reveal Day for said challenge, on March 21st.

Or who knows, maybe we’re doing something else entirely.

Small moments are like the first steps taken on a steep climb. Because of them, and before we know it, we reach the mountain peak. Small moments are like taking the blurry images from our heads and writing them down. Before we know it, the novel is complete.

Small moments are everywhere. In fact, chances are, we’re living in the magic of small moments right now — a cup of coffee sitting beside our keyboard, a friend sharing good news, finding the perfect words to express the right idea. Talking to mom. 


Small moments are beautiful in their authenticity. Although they seem insignificant, when those small moments add up, they have a huge impact on our lives.

The best part is, we already live in small moments. By trying to be aware of them, to slow down life and let them happen organically, the big moments will, hopefully, be much more rewarding.

On that note, I hope to see you on March 21 — A-Z Theme Reveal Day; and should strength and inspiration hold up, on to A-Z Challenge we go, one small moment at a time.


Image: CCO Public Domain

E is for Elegance


A regular evening on the town (family member in Bucharest)

When I visit Romania — and we take a stroll downtown — I look severely underdressed, a fact that amuses me a great deal.

I’ve lived in Southern California for the past twenty-two years, where dressing up is for special occasions. Otherwise, I’m more interested in comfort — jeans or comfy slacks, and since we have long and hot summers, shorts and slippers during the weekends.

But that’s a fashion faux paus in European cities. God forbid one goes out in slippers, or just any old t-shirt over a pair of classic jeans.

Ha. Ha.

When I accompanied my niece to a Bucharest hair salon, the stylist — who knew my niece would bring her relative from the U.S. — looked around our group and asked:  Which one is your relative from America? I pointed to another family member and said: I’m the driver.

But seriously, Europeans, especially urbanites, love their fashion.

I still remember a time when I wouldn’t have left the house without proper makeup and spiffy clothes. I would have never ventured to the local coffee shop, as folks do here for a run to Starbucks, in sweat pants and some plain t-shirt.

Sure, in Romania fashion awareness is a condition of the youth. For the most part. And times are changing. I see more and more casual wear than ever before. More comfort-minded people. But even as casual wear enters the Romanian consciousness, fashion is, and will probably always be, the go-to style.

Me, well, I thank my lucky stars I don’t have to worry about style anymore. It’s exhausting.

~~ With this short post, my dear friends, we close the first A-Z week. I greatly enjoyed reading your comments and your blogs. See you on Monday, when we have F for Frigarui (Romanian kebab).



How to Start a Movement

When blogging first entered my mind, I considered asking friends to start a group blog.