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We survived another year — well, almost — so, why not celebrate with enough family get-togethers to make missing one another impossible for at least … six months?

Thanksgiving came and went here in the U.S. Now, it’s on to Christmas preparations at my house. The energy is absolutely crazy and I love it. I feed off of it. It makes me want to sing and dance.

Speaking of singing, we concluded our Thanksgiving bash with karaoke singing. And here is proof (above) that I can sing. Okay, next time I’ll provide a video. Real proof.

It’s not the best picture — my niece was trying to take a selfie — but if you look carefully, you’ll see me (far left) singing into a microphone next to my mother-in-law. My son has his own microphone, because … why not?

We had an absolute blast, just the way I like to cap off a family get-together. And I so wish I could share more pictures (I took a ton) but the memory card in my phone decided to die. Or to be gravely ill, and am waiting on word from the doctor, aka tech guy, as to whether anything could be salvaged. That’s technology, baby.

So, how is life in your neck of the woods, dear blogging friend?  I missed a whole week of blogging and feel completely out of sorts.

Favorite Thanksgiving Dish


Thanksgiving is one of the few times I eat turkey. I don’t dislike it; it’s just not my go-to meat. For some reason, I’d rather have chicken in my salad, or a chicken sandwich.

So, my favorite Thanksgiving dish is…. ta, ta, ta, tam … dessert. This being the time everyone brings something to the table, whether homemade or bought; the assortment is amazingly delicious.

Anything and in any form goes, just bring it on because come Thursday I’m not worried about calories or sugar. Ice cream over pie, yum, sooo good. Any kind of pie will do (pecan, pumpkin, fruit and almond tart, cherry pie … and the list goes on.)

Can’t say I’m a great cook, but I can whip up a pretty good pie. Not the crust, thought. I tried one year and whether it was the phone call I received in the middle of preparation, or my less than terrific cooking skills, the crust came out a bit burnt. The rest of the apple pie, though, was delicious.

My aunt’s famous pasta salad comes in as a second favorite (not sure how she makes it, but I’m sure she uses vinaigrette for the dressing), and then homemade stuffing is third. 

We’re not hosting this year, but driving to Orange County — an hour and a half away. And while I look forward to the meal itself, I can’t wait for dessert.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dinner dish?  And do you make it yourself?


Photo courtesy: blogs.mydevstaging.com