Monthly Archives: October 2017

San Francisco

Hang on to all that is good in the world. To stories, and poetry, and music. To memories of a stroll in the park, a cable-car ride through the city.

The world is full of beautiful places and wonderful people. Something worth reiterating : the world in which we live is full of wonders and beauty. Of welcoming towns and bustling cities.

This past weekend, we visited one such city — San Francisco — for a quick getaway, and left re-energized, memories sure to light the corners of our minds for years to come. There’s  much I could say about the City by The Bay, but it’s all been said, sung, and written. Many times over. Best to let pictures tell the story — another perspective on the city of love and lights.  The city of everything.

From the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz

to the SF Giants Stadium and  Exploratorium (science museum)

to street performers and a cable-car ride

to Union Square (named after some of the largest and oldest pro-union rallies in the country) and more street performers

to China Town (expansive, thriving community) and remnants of the Beat generation

San Francisco, this forward-looking city with an array of diverse neighborhoods, rare and genuine culture that conjures up images of the ’60s hippies, and gorgeous bay views with imposing bridges on both sides, has one draw back:   It’s hard to leave.