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~ Biography ~

Silvia Villalobos, a native of Romania who lives immersed  in the laid-back vibe of Southern California, writes mystery novels and short fiction.  Her debut novel, Stranger or Friend, was published by Solstice Publishing in March 2015. Her short stories have appeared in The Riding Light Review, Pure Slush, and Red Fez, among other publications.  She is constantly drawn to premises filled with questions which arouse feelings that are often beyond imagination yet seem real.  She is a member of Toastmasters International – Valencia, CA, Club – and believes life is a learning process.  When not taking long walks through the local paseos or preparing speeches, she can be found writing or blogging.

~ Bibliography ~

Stranger or Friend

STRANGER OR FRIEND, from Solstice Publishing, March 2015

Inspiration, at times elusive, rushes at us like a storm of jagged images when a story must be told.  Such was the case in the writing of this mystery novel – the culmination of two lives at a confluence of cultures: an Eastern European immigrant – the author – married to a California native of Hispanic descent. The result is a highly fictionalized story, an observation, of intersecting cultures, of newcomers and locals, the bumps along the way, discovery, rejection, and acceptance. This is the story of a woman going back home, only to find that home is no longer the place she remembers, or maybe never really knew.



A BLURRED REALITY, part of the Riding Light 2015 winter collection

The night shift left Duncan suspended in a strange reality– too wired for sleep and too tired to move. All he wanted was to pass out, nightmares and all, but with the head noise and daylight cutting through his skull, that wasn’t going to happen. ~ A Blurred Reality 



SUMMER RAIN, part of Solstice Summer 2015 Anthology

I found myself on the rocky beach along the Pacific Ocean, in a place so quiet I could hear the earth’s pulse. The moaning of the sea. ~ Summer Rain


AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART published at Fiction365 (01/01/13)

GAMES published at Red Fez (02/13/13)

SURVIVOR published at Pure Slush (7/24/13)

THE FRIEND published at Red Fez (02/13/14)

IOANA published at Red Fez (10/13/14)

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Power of Perception Radio Network (3/24/15)

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