Color and Joy

Have you ever associated color with joy? Have you noticed that certain colors – or combinations of colors – make you feel naturally happy?

Moreover, have you noticed a correlation between color appreciation and age?

I remember walking the paseos around the neighboorhood with my mom, and she would stop and admire certain colors in flowers, trees. She’d want to talk about it. I didn’t see the point in talking about plants back then, and just wanted to keep going.

A decade later, I find myself rediscovering colors and the joy they bring into my life. I caught myself mentioning the striking blue color of the sky to my son the other day on our drive someplace. All I got back was a umhh, his attention on his phone.

Color. Joy.

There is endless color around us; and it has the power to bring us so much joy. To elicit positive emotion.

Take a moment to look at your surroundings right now.

What color do you see? How does it make you feel?

image cr: pixabay

8 responses to “Color and Joy

  1. Nature provides a wealth of colors. I love bright of summer and the warm colors of spring and autumn. Walking along the bay in Poulsbo I LOVE the bright blue of the sky and the water, however I LOVE the stunning black of the Bald Eagles flying overhead. Mother Nature is so kind in supplying so many bouquets of colors. I LOVE your pictures of the tulips and the sky! So beautiful! <3

  2. Thank you Silvia for the lovely photos you have posted.
    As I look at these bright colours, I feel vibrant once more.

  3. I love color, too, and often write about it. Ditto what Gwynn says about the colors of the seasons. One thing about my living in SoCal was that there was only a subtle difference in seasonal colors. You had to really pay attention. But, oh, those jacarandas. Love them!

  4. This must be why I like spring so much – we love going to the garden stores and buying flowers to plant. The heat of high summer is here, so not much color – even our roses are waiting for cooler weather!

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