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The Answer Is …

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It takes a lightness of heart to blog.

I have not felt it for some time given the way our collective world has been turning lately. Close to home, things are just fine. But in a world increasingly connected through social media and the like, we cannot look out there and feel good about ourselves. If we were to be honest. And that’s what blogging is about, right? Being honest. Or what’s the point?

People dying in record numbers, ugly politics. A people divided.  A big one to accept: the deep division.

We all seem to move about the world in completely different ways. Sure, the loud, obnoxious voices are amplified by the media – isn’t that always the refrain … the media, the media? – but this time it feels like there is more to it that a constant barrage of news segments pushing the insanity. This time it feels like we look right through one another, not hearing, not seeing one another. Not even interested.

To me, anyway. That’s how it feels to me.

So, what do we do about it? There is no shortage of answers, some more political than others. I’ve heard them all, I assure you. And decided there is no good answer. Not yet. It may come soon, but as of now, anything that starts with: the answer is … should come with a disclaimer pointing out the very arrogance of such assurance. Because the answer is imposes a point of view so vastly different, it borders on offensive.

The answer is … No. No one has the answer. The real answer. Because the real answer is somewhere no one wants to look. To look requires compassion, and compassion has been trampled on. Just about destroyed. Just about.

There is always hope.

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Hope is the thing with feathers … Remember?

Hope is good. Hope is human. Hope is all of us.

A new year brings hope. A new beginning.

We should take it, nourish it, revive it, while we still can.

So, Happy New Year friends.

Here is to you, and here is to hope.

Love, Silvia


Images credit; pixabay