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Strange Year and “Don’t Look Up”

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Another strange and difficult year is coming to an end.

But as James Baldwin said, I can’t be a pessimist because I’m alive.

We’re still here, some of us. I raise my glass to that. We’re hopefully better prepared to deal with what’s coming our way. That’s reason for optimism.

How would you describe this year?

I see that humans are flawed, even more than previously imagined. And stubborn. And we’ve taken to saying: reality is all relative a little too much, maybe.

Being dead is not relative. That is an absolute reality.

How we process things while alive can be a relative reality, sure. From that to a twisted relationship with what’s in front of us, that’s a long and twisty road.  

The movie Don’t Look Up is showing exactly that by holding a mirror before us, in a comedic way, thank God. A mirror that shows our faults in an ugly light that cannot be filtered or adjusted. The movie brings nothing new to our collective knowledge, but it’s an important reminder that we have become a society of many different realities with our trends and fads and political fights.

I would recommend watching Don’t Look Up – which is the latest point of argument on social media. A pretext to create yet another pile on. If anything, watch it for that reason.

But, as I said, we’re here and that’s reason for optimism. For celebration.

Here’s to a better year ahead filled with health, reading, writing, and, hopefully, a way to cut down on so many different realities.

Cheers, friends, and Happy New Year?

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Happy Holidays


It’s that time of year again, when family is everything. Sure, that’s true all throughout the year, but we come together as a unit during the holidays more than ever to celebrate, exchange gifts, enjoy food, and to simply enjoy each other’s company.

That’s what I love most about Christmas, being with family. Watching the wonder in a child’s eyes as we pass down family traditions, tell stories, snuggle in front of the TV with large bowls of popcorn and watch Christmas movies.

Talk about Santa.

I grew up in Europe, so St. Nick brought me gifts on December 6th, not Santa — a very similar idea, just a different day. My son, growing up in the U.S. with parents from two different continents, gets both St. Nick and Santa, even if he doesn’t believe in either anymore. But he does believe in, or holds dear, the spirit of the holidays.

There are so many different celebrations this time of year. In my office (see view from my office window above), we have people celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, and the Diwali Festival — the Hindu Festival of Lights — that takes place at the end of October but many extend to the end of the year.

What makes blogging extremely satisfying is meeting so many wonderful bloggers from all over the world. Reading your stories.

So, to all my dear friends, I wish you happy holidays and all the joy and happiness your heart can hold for the New Year.

 Best Wishes. Merry Christmas.