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La Bella Italia

Crowds, traffic and summer heat notwithstanding, there is little not to love about this belle paseo (beautiful country), which together with Greece stands as the birthplace of Western culture.

Our destination was northwest Italy, the region of Linguria, also known as Riviera dei Fiori (Flower Riviera) which includes Imperia, Cinque Terre, San Remo, Genoa.

No art book, no film, can grasp the reality of literally walking among live history in a country with varied and scenic landscapes that make constant detours necessary: rugged countryside, delightful towns, stairs carved into hills, rock formations, tide pools, serene waters.

As for Italian cuisine, it more than withstands its reputation —  tutto è delizioso!

Italian pace of life is slower than most other countries. Everything is alive with emotion. With stories and music. People take time to enjoy life — somewhat of a strange concept when traveling from the U.S.

Yes, Italy has everything.

Words can’t describe it, so here are a few pictures.

Cinque Terre:

San Remo: