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Editing my novel

I’m editing my novel “Stranger or Friend” for the … ‘oh, I lost count’ time.

The story started to percolate in my head more than three years ago. A story loosely based on accounts from Eastern European immigrants, like myself, but at the core, a mystery.

I wrote every day for five months, made correction, deleted chapters, added new chapters, went through a good round of edits then submitted to the critique group.  

As is the case with critique groups (and I love mine) you get an abundance of opinions and must be careful not to end up with an entirely different novel from what you’d set out to write. That said, I benefited tremendously from critiques received on the IWW’s Novels List http://www.internetwritingworkshop.org/

After months of more writing and revising, the manuscript went to a dear friend, also a writer, who loved it and had a few comments. I emailed the first three chapters (extremely important) to a few friends who offered what we writers also need in great measure – a few ideas and lots of love and encouragement.

Now I am going through the last set of changes before the manuscript goes to a developmental editor.  

What comes after that? Well, depending on what the editor says, maybe — just maybe — I’ll muster up the courage to send my story (my baby) out into the world.

Fingers crossed.