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If You Can, Fall In Love All Over Again

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My mother-in-law, once divorced and once widowed, was talking about dating again. I only write this here because I know she’s an open, awesome woman.

Let me be clear: she’s not in any hurry, but the conversation did come up when someone wanted to introduce her to a man. She is in great shape (late sixties), has the sunniest smile, and I’m sure she’d make a great companion.  She’s also picky — as she should be — wants to know the family is comfortable with whomever waltzes into her life.  And in case you wonder, we weren’t comfortable with this particular suitor, and neither was she after some thought.

This brought to mind two quotes; one from Richard Dawkins: “I don’t want to be only a survival machine, programmed solely to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes.” This assumes the conclusion: what’s life without love … of something or someone? Gosh, it sure makes the daily grind of life easier to endure, doesn’t it?

As well as this quote, one of my favorites:  “If you can, fall in love. With family, friends. Your dreams and their dreams. Sometimes it’s as simple as that: we need to remind ourselves to fall in love all over again.”

~~~ Can I get an Amen? Or virtual cold water in the face, followed by: Stop Dreaming, Get a Grip?



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