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That Time Again, and Are You On Ello?

A week from today we vote in midterm elections, unless you’ve participated in early voting.


Not me.  I like going to the polling place, signing the register, spending time in the booth — just me and my ballot. Getting the “I Voted” sticker.

As mentioned on this blog countless times, I grew up in a communist country. I was too young to vote, then fed up, but I remember waiting in line with my mom so she can ‘vote’ as the Party men watched closely. When the results came in, what do you know? The same guy had been reelected with 100% of the vote.

So, I don’t take this right for granted, one that’s denied or diminished in many parts of the world. Remember what JFK said: “Things don’t happen, they are made to happen.”

Election and social media go hand in hand, agreed? And we have enough social-media sites to dedicate several lifetimes to, but in case you haven’t heard, I’m here to tell you there’s one more — ELLO.


Ello is in beta, meaning they’re still working on adding features, etc., and it promises to remain ad-free, not follow everything we do then record into data for advertisers. If that’s the case, I’m already in love.

It is by invitation only, and the wonderful blogger Veronica Sicoe was kind enough to send me one such invite.

Why jump on board? I don’t know. Then again, why not at the very least reserve your name before the BIG onslaught. Happy to send out the few invites I have available, should you wish to join.  

Just spreading the love. :)


Photos courtesy: wongtunes.com; popfi.com