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A to Z Blogging Challenge

 A to Z Challenge [2013]

Today, I am visiting the A to Z Blogging Challenge as a guest. Yeah, as a first time participant I am so excited, I wrote  a blog about it.

Tina was very nice to invite me, but I am no expert. Just another writer, sharing my experience. And I love to spend time in the company of other writers and artists. So a perfect place to be.

Thanks to Cindy and Guilie, both IWW members, for introducing me to the Challenge.

Blogging from A to Z takes place during the month of April, and what you do is you write a blog each day (hopefully posts prepared in advance) — just as the blog says, by using a letter of the alphabet each day — and you visit other blogs.

So far so good, I have the first three weeks covered, I think.  X is going to be hard, I just know it.

Signing up is easy. Here’s the link. http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/2013/03/silvia-villalobos-why-is-it-important.html

Come join a large community of writers, bloggers and cool people.