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Quotidian Bits – Bubba Gump

Writing. Now and then I take a moment and just appreciate where this dream has taken me.

I want to write all the time, but inspiration doesn’t come like a flash of lightning. The art and craft take time. There are quotidian bits to be observed. There is reading involved, and most importantly, there is a life to be lived.

So, that’s what I did the other day. I took my son to Universal City, near Hollywood, to a place called Bubba Gump, a shrimp and seafood restaurant modeled after the movie Forrest Gump. Good food, relaxing atmosphere, scenes from the movie everywhere, and, of course, movie memorabilia.

My son @ Bubba Gump

The restaurant offers dishes named after characters in the movie, like Jenny’s Catch and Forrest’s Seafood Feast. Guests can play Forrest Gump movie trivia and can signal their waiter with a “Stop, Forrest, Stop” sign. Remember Forrest himself was on an epic run, until he famously said: “I think I’ll go home now.”

And, here is a bit of Bubba Gump trivia: Actor Chris Pratt was discovered in 2000 while working as a waiter at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in Maui, Hawaii. He waited on the table of actor/director Rae Dawn Chong, who had starred in one of Pratt’s favorite films, Commando. Chong offered Pratt a role in a short movie she was directing at the time.

If you, like me, wonder what Chris Pratt looks like

 What movie-themed restaurant (if any) do you enjoy?


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Quotidian Bits

April is sneaking up on us, dear blogging friend, and we all know what that means in Blog Land: the A to Z Challenge — an annual  extravaganza. Or, a full month of giving our blood, sweat, and tears. Ha ha.

After four years of participation, I have to take this year off.

However, I will not completely step away from blogging. No way. I plan to visit you as much as possible. Just can’t give it my all as work, travel plans, and overall life craziness demand my attention. 

To feel connected to the A-Z Challenge (and all of you), I will have a feature called Quotidian Bits — not a daily blogging event, but I plan to post often in April.

What exactly is Quotidian Bits? Occasional posts featuring daily images I snap here and there (like the one above) and short descriptions. (Sunset: explosion of colors in the sky. The poetry of our world).  So, Quotidian Bits is nothing long or overwhelming. I know how crazy April can get around here.

See you around, dear friends.

Love & hugs, and I leave you with another quotidian image: yours truly at work.

@work: when the creative juices flow