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Must Go On

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It seems impossible to go on with everything that’s happening in the world — war, hurricane, virus. Yet go on we must.

Help, if we can. Friends around me are donating baby clothes to organizations helping Afghan refugees (California is home to the largest Afghan population in the US). Some are volunteering their services, some are even writing welcoming letters.

Help comes in multitudes. Even a kind word over the phone can help.

Same for people affected by Ida. People in Haiti. The list goes on.

So, yes, it seems impossible. But we must go on for our present and future potential. We need a much-needed reminder that not everything is lost.

  • Young gorillas have learned to dismantle poachers traps;
  • We can now ‘listen in’ to Universe;
  • Some parts of the world are on track to wiping out one type cancer;
  • Scientists are working on a sieve that turns seawater into drinking water;
  • Researchers are understanding how to repair spinal cord injuries;
  • Science is fighting back against antibiotic resistance;
  • NASA has released all its research to the public for free; Source: Science Alert

One of my favorite new-ish breaking news alerts (of sorts) is:

Humans are inherently good.

Whether humans were born good or bad has been debated by philosophers for centuries.

Thousands of papers have been published on the subject, many coining the phrase “Human nature is inherently bad.”

Yet, more recent writing on the subject concludes that human nature is inherently good.

Survey shows more people than ever have volunteered for causes over the past ten years alone; with an overwhelming number of those surveyed going beyond volunteering and actually taking action (humanitarian, political).

Understanding our fundamental goodness is merely a philosophical exercise, but one that helps move forward and affect change within ourselves and the world.

What is one good thing happening with you or near you?

photo source: pixabay