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Hiking the So. Cal. Mountains


After a four-day showcase of my family’s cooking (and lots of eating), we finally went for a hike.

Oh, nature! What beauty you bestowed upon our land!

The sight of hills that spill out onto breathtaking vistas is the surest way to put everything into perspective. Yeah. Nature sucks all worries into the wild, spewing them out across the valley floor, rendering them too infinitesimal to matter.

Climbing up a narrow trail can be tiring and immensely energizing. And stunning mountain trails is what we have all over Southern California.

From short paths to long, interconnected backbone trails for those seeking multi-day treks, Southern California has hiking for everyone.

Up there, one can see the city from a world away, a secluded sanctuary of nature — hidden places with amazing waterfalls and rock formations. 

After Thanksgiving, we hiked up a place called Towsley Canyon, a 4000-acre area of the Santa Clarita Woodlands Park.

a hike up Towsley Canyon

We didn’t make it to the top this time, not even close to the half-point mark. With a nine-year old and a senior family member along for the hike, we thought it best to reach the Ranger’s Post (a mile into the walk) and head back.

I’m not an experienced hiker. But each time I hike up the mountain, the walk feels as if that’s what I was meant to do — be in the midst of nature, let the landscape fall behind as I move, wonder what’s ahead.

Take in the tranquil setting and climb nature’s hills.

The best part is the silence. The wind. The nature sounds. One has plenty of time to think out there. Although I didn’t spend much time alone with my thoughts (as I like to on long walks), there were a few stolen moments when it felt like a great mental exercise.

So, tell me about your most mind-clearing walks.  


top photo courtesy: flickr photo sharing