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Why Do We Blog, and Blogging from A to Z

Today, let’s talk about blogging, shall we?

Why do we blog? As a somewhat new blogger, I wonder now and then. Sure, I can imagine the multitude of reasons (reflections, sharing stories, it’s fun, promotion). 

The internet is a global community with some 70 million users (according to the media, which is not always accurate). So, maybe we want to be part of this community. Maybe it’s a fun self-given assignment. I like that. I like assignments and am a big believer in constant self-improvement. But any assignment ends at some point, a new one begins. A blog, if not maintained, is like a storyline that fizzled out.

Blogging takes energy, fresh ideas, a certain willingness to explore the good and not so good in the self  (or what’s the point?)

So, Why do we Blog is the question I’m asking at Blogging from A to Z today. Come take a look, and let’s talk.


Image courtesy: file, from theedublogger.com