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In High Heels

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” ~ Marilyn Monroe.

Knowing how glamorous Marilyn was, it’s safe to assume she was talking about something like this:


But for me, the right shoes means something much closer to this:


My work attire is business casual, weekend outfit jeans, shirt, and flops — weather considering. As I dash from soccer practice to basketball game to birthday parties to God-knows-what-other activity, I’m a casual dress code kind of gal.  Can’t remember last time I wore a suit or anything close to such a fancy ensemble. Dresses yes, I like easy summer dresses, but many require ironing. So, I’m happy with jeans.

There was a time I used to spend hours trying on clothes, putting on makeup (heavy makeup) before walking out the door. Now, I’m all about comfort.

Yet, this weekend I’m going to wear something similar to this (if I can manage to walk out the door without twisting my ankle). Will have comfortable shoes in the car, just in case.

Why, you ask?  I’m going to a musical/art/fundraising event scheduled to take place at a venue in the Los Angeles Art District. And I’m told that’s where people go all dressed up.  While I’m not one for appearances, we meet friends there — people who like to look very nice. So, okay, I’ll try. Let’s see how long I last before running (barefoot) for my comfortable shoes.

What do you all think about high heels — the feel, the look, the madness?