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Depression is a bitch

Depression.  It comes and grabs you no matter who you are. Young, old, rich, poor, fat, thin, beautiful, ugly, popular, nerd, loved, lonely … the list goes on.

Chester Bennington . The Linkin Park singer/songwriter fought through years of depression, until  just being human, just trying to stay on an even keel proved to be too much. Yesterday was the end of the road for him.

Listening to a radio tribute for the musician, I was struck by the host’s words:  1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men suffer from major depression at some point in their life.

Those statistics mean we all know someone who has dealt or is dealing with depression. Who probably still quietly struggles with their demons.

The list of recommendations is long and easy to find. But I feel inclined to share the major points:

~ Remain nonjudgmental. Give the message that you care and are accessible.

~ Encourage them to seek professional help.

~ Help them get help.

~ And, the big one: Check in.

We all suffer periods of sadness in our lives, but clinical depression is an entirely different animal.

Just get over it, ‘ they say
I wish I could find a way
Living with it day by day
Memories won’t go away


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