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C is for Coaching

Ever coach a sport team, or observe a coach in action?

We watch sideline coaching on TV, but step into a gym (as I do every Thursday for my son’s basketball practice) and you’ll get a new appreciation for the volunteer coaches.


Alas, Coach B is the best if you ask the kids.

Before the start of the season, with no gym available for practice, Coach B invited nine families to his house. It helped that he had a custom-made basketball court.

From day one, he made it a point to teach not only technique, but also discipline.

I love that about coaches and teachers. Not because I’m looking for them to discipline my kid, but all  great coaches and educators earn respect by proving themselves as leaders from day one. Right?

The kids are not allowed onto the court without their shirts tucked in, or late, and they had better follow instructions, or they sit out part of the game and run around the court several times.

He rewards them with enthusiastic clapping while jumping out of his seat for each basket or great play. He doesn’t just teach, he helps his students find their strength. 

And there’s a lot of patience involved.  Tricky to get a bunch of eight-year-old boys to listen, remember the strategy and follow instructions during the game. The coach does it with confidence.

Sure, they lose some games, but they gain poise, discipline and skill.

494px-All_sports_drawing.svg From a parent’s perspective, being part of a team with a coach who claps after every play, walks the sidelines to shout nuggets of strategy, or doles out high fives while insisting they can do anything they set their mind to, is a  success story.      

Whoever said volunteers are like gems nailed it.   Here’s to every teacher, coach, and volunteer in the world. May your hard work be recognized and rewarded!

Photo credit: Drawing representing a number of sports icons — photo by Angelo.romano, from Wikimedia Commons.