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Imagination ~ Day 3 of 3-Day Quote Challenge


Music is story and story is music. Moreover, music is lyrical poetry.  

I often hear that readers imagine certain soundtracks to stories as they read, and use them as an anchor, a mental scaffold to connect.

Imagination is the golden-eyed monster that never sleeps. It must be fed; it cannot be ignored ~ Patricia A. McKillip

It’s easy to do this with movies, as the music is unmistakably there, but I think it could be just as easy with novels if the visual produced is so spectacular. So much so, we can almost hear the music.

Music is a world within itself. It is a language we all understand ~ Stevie Wonder

When I had the opportunity to do a reading for my book back in April — see above picture — I wanted to add music for my first time with an audience. Sure, it was for all the reasons listed, but also a way to deal with nerves.

So, I dragged my husband, his guitar and sound system to the bookstore.

When I hear music, I am invulnerable. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest ~ David Thoreau

Music — background guitar strumming — helped settle the rhythm of my thoughts. It helped modulate my voice to certain tones, helped sense the emotion in ways that, hopefully, brought the story out in a more … musical way.

Music is timeless, it will never fade ~ Unknown

In the same way a story can be timeless and never fade.

After our performance at the bookstore, we received a request for an encore but … haven’t done it yet. Maybe soon.

Indifferent of the affairs of men, time runs out ~Erwin Silvanus

I want to thank my friend Gwynn for giving me reason for introspection — a most-valued exercise — and so much fun.