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Prelude to Blogging Challenge

A to Z Challenge [2013]

Well, friends, it’s almost time for the Blogging Challenge to begin. 

Starting Monday, April 1st, (promise, this isn’t an early April Fool’s joke), I will be posting daily. This will be an exercise in writing, but most importantly an exercise in relationship building.

Daily posts are not part of my blogging routine, as you know.  So, the challenge will be an interesting experiment and fall under the “exception rule,” come Main 1st.

How does the A to Z work? We post every day during the month of April, (topics starting with letter A and going from there, with Sundays off for good behavior), and visit  a list of blogs to make everything nice and busy. Pure fun!

Hey, I’m excited. But, then again, this is my first dance at the big party.

I don’t have an actual theme, but I will stay within the topics I usually cover on my blog. The freestyle format worked in drafting the posts. It remains to be seen if I’m still standing (or sitting) by the end of April.

It’s important to write what you know and love, right? Equally important to reach deep inside and show what you’re all about. What are your likes, what makes you sad or happy. Who are you?

My posts will include lots of photos, stories about people and places (a few stories from my beloved Romania), art, music, sports, reading and writing. 

Good luck to all, and here’s to an enjoyable blogging experience! See you on April 1st.