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Winter Wonderland


Winter brings to mind new beginnings — a time to shed the old, be surprised by what’s around the corner.

It signals the end of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere at least). Time to begin with a clean slate as snow melts away previous troubles, fears, mistakes and faults.

To those living in wintry places, no doubt winter brings to mind storms, gray skies, the uniformity after a blizzard, the biting cold. Snow and icicles.


Winter also brings to mind cheer, the Christmas fairy lights and decorations, caroling and bells, trees and menorahs, family get-togethers, passing of traditions from generation to generation.

We don’t have real winters in Southern California, unless, of course, one drives up the mountain. Even then, winter doesn’t always show up when one decides to pop in for a visit.

But this year, it did.

When we drove up to Big Bear Lake (elevation 7000 feet) for Christmas, winter showed herself in all her snowy splendor.

We got two feet of snow. And yes, it was cold (10 degrees, the low), and wild, and we loved every moment of it, even when we got snowed in. With no way to make it to the village, an eight-minute walk from our rented cabin, we spent Saturday alternating between playing in the snow, running inside to warm up, then back outside where the snow kept on falling, quiet and cold and splendid.



At night, inside the cabin, snuggled in blankets, we couldn’t get enough of the snowflakes falling outside the window, the gorgeous images as splendid as those long-ago childhood memories. A true winter wonderland, if I ever saw one; and growing up in Eastern Europe, I’ve seen plenty.


our cozy cabin

Yet, clearly, I’m no longer a winter person. As much as I enjoyed our four days of winter, eventually we installed our tire chains and drove back down the mountain, admiring our winter wonderland as we went, forever thankful for the beauty of the season, the joy that lifted our spirits beyond anything I could’ve imagined. And all of it just a quick two-hour drive from home.


So long for now

May the joy of the season bring you happiness, good health, and fill your heart with love. Happy New Year, dear blogging friend.