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Awake #atozchallenge


I had a dream I was awake and I woke up to find myself asleep.Stan Laurel

A description, perhaps, of surreal images as reality cuts into dream, or our perception of the world from the edge of semi-consciousness. 

Either way, to be awake is to be conscious, correct? Even if stimulants such as coffee play a role. For the most part, however, we’re conscious of our surroundings and ourselves once we’re awake. 

But just how truly awake to the world are we? Does the simple state of being conscious mean being fully awake — mentally, emotionally awake?

I think not.

Awareness, self or otherwise, plays a huge role in being mindful. From time to time, while fully awake, I find myself adrift, unable to let things get through. So, what reaches the consciousness beyond mere presence?

As many things as there are humans in the world, no doubt.  I’m guessing for many spirituality plays a huge role. Passion …

… I find creativity helps treat life with a deep sense of awareness. A rich imagination. Inspiration. One must observe in order to create. Observing the world though storytelling eyes incorporates mindfulness into everyday moments.

Sure, we could get lost in moments of deep observation — I do — but even so, I usually re-emerge with parts of the story in my head. Parts that don’t always make it on paper, but they’re there, so present I could almost touch them.

What helps you be more aware of details, of the world around?