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Is it Karma?

The butterfly effect or Newton’s law (every action has an equal and opposite reaction) is probably the closest scientific explanation for Karma.

Every day, the universe is righting wrongs.

Is is Karma?

First story in my news feed today involved Matt Lauer and got me thinking, once again, about Karma. Reading industry comments that painted Lauer in unfavorable terms, I felt sorry for those around him, when, maybe, I should have felt an ounce of sympathy for the man himself. He hadn’t been proven guilty yet, right?

Having dealt with hostile situations created by men in positions of power … well, I allowed my past to color my opinion. To see this as the Western interpretation of Karma, some cosmic justice system at work: do good and (hopefully) find good. Or the opposite. 

Universal harmony and balance.

Harmony is the supreme potential of balance. Your disharmonious actions flow out into the Universe and back upon you, until your own harmony and balance are restored. — Universal Law of Harmony and Balance

What about ambition and balance?

Seems somewhere along the way, ambition and arrogance did away with harmony and balance. We’ve all heard of cutthroat business situations. Of utter ruthlessness.

No one gains wealth and position without stepping on dead bodies.

Fortunes are made when there is blood in the streets.

Is that ambition? Drive? A centuries-old human condition at odds with our age of advancements?

The opposite side of the coin 

How about this: are we too quick to judge?

I was after reading the Lauer story and commentary. Made up my mind before reading the final word. Felt angry at power abusers. Sorry for the victims. Again. 

Such automatic feelings, however, create another problem. Pushed too far, the pendulum will swing  back and forth until it stops … somewhere.

The middle ground — such coveted territory — let’s hope the pendulum stops and stays there.


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