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A Short Book Review and Vacation Inspiration

Often we concentrate on deep thoughts or challenging moments to stimulate the mind and come up with stories — to find inspiration — and in the process miss the great in life, such as reading a book or the picturesque scenery outside our window. 

Where do we find inspiration? Let’s start with reading.  

I don’t do many reviews, and, full disclosure, the author is a writing friend, but that doesn’t take away from the merit of her new book, out from MuseItUp Publishing.

PART ONE (A short review)

“Crumple Zone has drama, suspense and mystery all wrapped up in one.

Lara looks to get away from her disappointing life in Seattle and in doing so she walks into one full of conflict — albeit of a different and more potent kind — when she meets Enrique in the Atacama Desert of Chile. Talk about a change of pace and scenery. The author takes us to one of the most barren yet beautiful places in South America. Aside from the greatly woven suspense the book deserves high marks for the descriptions and scenery.

In Lara and Enrique we have two people from two very different backgrounds and cultures who find themselves in an emotional place in their lives, a state of mind filled with false impressions. By following them along the way, I was wrapped in the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of two colliding lives. And that makes for a great read … from start to finish.

A suspenseful book, interesting characters, and a storyline that might keep you reading late into the night. I highly recommend it.”


Inspiration — where do we find it? Does it come to us freely? Do we analyze thoughts or emotions, look back at life, go on vacation?

Well, we recently traveled to San Diego, CA. And San Diego, with its beautiful scenery and quaint neighborhoods, is a ride of brilliance, but while there any thought of inspiration eluded me.

Ideas spun around in my head fighting for attention, but nothing surfaced … not even enough for a flash story. However, as I look through the photos, ideas spark and seem to organize into the beginning of something comprehensible.

Here are a few pictures:


Sun rays over the bay


The view from the thirty-sixth floor


Street performer in the Gaslamp District


An island in the distance.

Life is full of inspiration — whether provided by a book, a weekend getaway, or reflections upon life.  So, I’m curious: how do you find yours?