The Answer May Not Be at The Beach …

… but shouldn’t we at least check? – Unknown.

How is your summer going? 

It’s extremely hot everywhere, if you’re not at the beach. 

A friend shared a picture from the English countryside that looks more like dry-heat Southern California that cool, humid, rainy England. 

The beach makes everything better, thought, doesn’t it? 

I’m not one for sunbathing, but love walking along the promenade, looking out into the vastness of the Pacific. Maybe going into the water. And of course, enjoying the weather. 

It’s 25 degrees cooler at the beach – a mere thirty-minute drive from my house. Driving there alone, watching the temperature drop, rolling down the windows, and you feel the stress level drop. 

One day at the beach and it’s easy to forget yesterday’s worries. 

Weather ran the gamut – from overcast to blue skies, from cold to sunny – and I loved it all. 

If anything, I prefer the cooler, overcast days at the beach. The silence of the waves. Because there is a certain silence there, within that roar. The seagulls, the waves, the surfers bobbing at the surface of the water, waiting to catch a wave. It’s all part of a meditative silence. 

It’s easy to get lost and find yourself again at the beach. 

To set yourself right. 

So, we kept going up the coast, not ready for the drive back home. Beach after beach, town after town.

Just one more day, then one more. 

6 responses to “The Answer May Not Be at The Beach …

  1. I have always lived close to the water. I LOVE it! When I lived in California (Hermosa, Redondo, and Long Beach) I lived just a couple of short blocks from the beach. I could sunbath and body surf anytime I felt like it. Then the roar of the surf always relaxed me. The Beach always provides love, peace, and quiet. ENJOY!!!

  2. I remember California summers at the beach! So lovely and cool. NC beaches are just as hot as the interior, and the water can reach 85 degrees plus. So we go at the end of May or September.

  3. My husband and I both love the beach. I don’t sunbathe and we are not swimmers. Like you, we like to walk along the shore’s edge and enjoy the sounds and smells of the water and the cool breeze.

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