Your Jam

Passion is the energy that keeps us going, that keeps us filled with excitement and anticipation. 

“Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.” Jon Bon Jovi

Each new year brings new questions to be embraced, and loved. 

I’m excited about finding answers to those questions. 

Now that my son is a teenager about to start college in August, busy with his life, the newfound me time is here.  

I’m still a long way from retirement, and nothing but me time, but there are so many things I discovered or rediscovered in the past couple of years. I have more time to write, more time to read, to remodel and redecorate.

I rediscovered photography. 

My husband and I are going to take a road trip – just the two of us for the first time in forever.

I have more time for fitness. 

That brings me to Zumba. 

I’ve started taking Zumba classes a couple of months ago, because at this point in my life I need my exercise routine to be fun not a chore.  If exercise is work, I won’t stick with it for long. 

And that’s what I found. Fun. An instructor and a group of people ready to have one hour of dancing fun. (sorry about photo quality. It’s apparently not easy to take pics of moving people)

So, what is your jam (as my son calls it) – your passion, or skill applied to passion.

What did you discover or rediscover you like to do more of?

4 responses to “Your Jam

  1. My creativity is talking with visitors at Poulsbo’s Maritime Museum. Yesterday we had a family from Scotland and one from England. We also had 65 people from all over, but we also received visitors from California and I can compare notes with them, since I lived in California years ago.

    I ALSO LOVE talking to people and petting their dogs while on my walks around Poulsbo. As a child, I was quiet and shy, so now my talking to everyone is definitely a NEW side to me that I’m enjoying!

    I enjoyed your post. It will be interesting to hear what you do once your son heads off to college. I can’t believe he is that old now!!! Have fun, but it IS an adjustment having him gone!

    • That sounds like fun Gwynn. It’s great how we get over being shy with age, isn’t it? When my son goes to college, I’ll go crazy. :) Just kidding. My husband and I are going to enjoy our time, but yet, we’ll miss him. A lot.

  2. I would love a class like that – I’m currently stuck with swimming and walking, which are solitary!

    • I started last November and it’s such a wonderful experience – the exercise, the friendships. Sometimes I do struggle with the steps, tho. Enjoy swimming. One of the best exercises out there, I hear.

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