New Book Cover – I need your help

My mystery novel, Stranger or Friend, will be re-released under new cover and with a few minor additions to the story a couple of weeks before Christmas, 2021. So, in just a few short weeks.

The story takes place right around Christmas time, after all.

As of now, I have two covers to pick from. I love both. So, I’m torn. Would love your opinion, choice, whatever you’d like to add.

So ….

Here we go, and thank you for your help:




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8 responses to “New Book Cover – I need your help

  1. Hands down the lower one. The colors against the black/gray catch my eye, make me stop to check it out. It looks much much more professional than the top. Silvia, I haven’t forgotten you! Will email you.

  2. I guess I like the bottom one – its simplicity draws the eye!

  3. I also prefer the bottom cover. It reminds me of your first cover and I like the simplicity.

  4. Definitely number two for me. Congrats!

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