Podcasts, my new love

Moon, Full Moon, Moonlight, Super Moon

I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes.

How long have podcasts been around?

No, please don’t answer. It’s embarrassing. They’ve been around too long.

You constantly hear of celebrities coming up with podcasts. By the way, the definition straight from the dictionary: podcast = a digital audio file available on the internet for downloading to a device, typically available as a series or new installments.

So, driving to work again, I decided listening to a podcast would be a good way to kill time.

And I found Serial, by Sarah Koenig.

Just like that, the drive became too short. Serial is very well done. Of course, the first season is sad. It’s about a murder. About finding out if the man in jail for it is really the guy. What Sarah Koening does well is remaining impartial and inviting the listener to solve the mystery with her.

I came away not sure. I want to like the young man behind bars – his vibe of innocence – but I’m not sure. The emotion is there. The character development is top notch. Descriptions done well enough to put the listener right there in the heart of it all. Detailed oriented, but not over the top.

The series is a master class on good production, and in general, good storytelling.

As a writer, I aspire to being able to do that: stay out of the story while telling it. Take the reader to the desired effect, without giving the impression of directing. All in all, we aspire to telling good stories, allowing the reader to draw a conclusion based on what and how we write and not telling the reader what and how to think. Not to the point it’s an opinion piece.

Though, eh?

I like Serial. Not always easy to listen to, but very realistic in my view.

The installments are good storytelling. And I am finally getting with the times and listening to podcasts. I’m sure by now there’s something newer and fancier than a mere podcast available, but I’ll be the last to get with it. Again.

What do you listen to on long drives, or when you just want to listen?

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2 responses to “Podcasts, my new love

  1. Well, you can laugh, as I have no idea of what a podcast is. However, when I am driving I prefer MUSIC!! I LOVE to ROCK OUT!!

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