A Challenge and A Review

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I entered a challenge, dear friends.

One that takes breaking oneself apart, then putting oneself back together.


One, because I like to write.

Two, because Medium.com has put the challenge together.

Three, because a panel of esteemed judges will be reading the stories (this may not be such a good thing, being judged by celebrities. Then again, I wonder.)

There is more, of course. They offer prizes and honorable mentions.

But … the prompts.

One prompt, dear friends, is Death.

In any form, of course: death of a bad idea, death of ideals we held on too long for no reason other than stubbornness.

Death can be good, the judges said. Or bad.

There are three other prompts (a total of four): Space, Work, and Reentry.

I chose Space and Death. The first story (prompt Death) has just been published.

I can’t publish it here because Medium wants exclusive copyrights, but here is the link if you’d like to read it.

YOUR TIME TO SHINE – On having my heart in two places

Secondly, and just as important, Gwynn Rogers was kind enough to write a review for my short-story collection, START AGAIN. My big thanks for this precious gift, Gwynn.

Here it is:

Silvia Villalobos’ five short stories in her book START AGAIN are definitely rich with real life situations and feelings.  Life does not always go the way we planned it, so often times we need to stay strong and come up with an alternative plan.  I enjoyed learning how people dealt with solving their problems in life.

An Affair of the Heart deals with the issue of infertility and how spouses deal with the problem. Men and women often have different solutions to the problem.

Survivor shows how Paige deals with an aggressive form of cancer and wins.   However, how does she celebrate her win?

Ioana tells of a man trying to escape the grief of losing his wife without acknowledging his feelings.  He leaves San Francisco to travel back to the Balkans to run away from friends trying to help him only he runs into a woman who helps him identify and deal with his feelings.

The Friend – is she a friend or not?  Brooke helps her friend by taking care of her three-year old son while the mother recovers in rehab from the grief of losing her husband.  However, how is Brooke helping, or is she?

Games how a couple add to a romantic evening.  The husband turns out to be an abusive cop, so how does this evening turn out?


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3 responses to “A Challenge and A Review

  1. I loved Your Time to Shine, Silvia. As usual, you get across so much in a short space about the main character, her emotions, her love for Mama. And this is a beautiful homage to “mother,” whether birth mother or other woman who fills one’s life with love and nurturing. Good luck with the contest! (I also loved Start Again, and left a review on Amazon.)

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