I Want

Yesterday was the sort of day that didn’t give a damn.

A thick layer of clouds sat on us, the sky just above the treetops. Leaves fluttered carelessly, temperatures kept dropping, while we moaned about the chill in the air. The chill seeping through any wall cracks.

No sun to speak of above the layer of mist, a ray breaking through just to immediately hide from us.

Watching it all, I pulled my sweatshirt tighter and grumbled. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee pacified me with its warmth – just barely – a poor substitute for the sun. Another cup, another rant.

I want…

The sun, but not exhausting heat. I want the bright energy without the overwhelming hundred-degree pain.

I want...

The positive force of light and energy, while having had enough of punishing temperatures.

There is no substitute for the sun, its warmth, radiant glow at once inviting and diminishing us with its power.

I want...

The vibrant sun that brings me unqualified joy.

But yesterday, the outside did not care about what I wanted. Every time I glanced out the window, the day stared back indifferent to my misery.

All I had to do was wait. Give patience a fighting chance.

Slowly, somewhat mockingly, the clouds began to break. Today, the clouds are gone, cool temperatures forgotten. Today, I want less wind, less warmth.  Less smoke in the air from yet another wind-and-heat-induced fire.

Today, I want...

A little shade, and clouds, and rain. And cooler temperatures. And no more smoke in the air.

There is no alleviating want, is there?

Photo: scvgov.

10 responses to “I Want

  1. Always look for that little patch of blue sky. “I wanting” somehow just makes life more frustrating. However, right now, we HAVE your sun up here in the NW, but tomorrow the rain is supposed to return. I WANT my blue sky! ;-) Your post is so true!

  2. It’s been crappy here – weather-wise – for quite a while now, until today. Finally some sun and warmth. No excessive heat, not much for humidity. Pretty nice day. I’ll take it. ;-)

  3. Great post. I’m in Cali right now, in San Francisco today. What a beautiful and varied state!

  4. Nice, Sylvia, and I remember those days in southern California. Right now we are having a spell of sunny, warm and low humidity weather, but I know the humidity is coming! Which is why I liked CA so much! NO humidity,

  5. Beautifully written post Sylvia! O those moments when our wants turn into reality!

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