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When mindful, we can find profound meaning in everything. We can see the world as a constant source of inspiration.

Exploring ideas, writing, can keep us in the moment. And it’s so good for a clear and intuitive mind to be in the moment. But there’s always the internal chatter: can I do it?  

Can I focus? Can I achieve mindfulness?

As the mother of a teen who at times lacks focus,  I’ve been looking at the concept of mindfulness. At the idea of maintaining moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts and feelings and the surrounding environment. Deep, uninterrupted focus. 

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There are various mindfulness techniques. 

There is meditation. Some, designed specifically for teens.  

Getting a teen to sit through meditation, though — well, good luck. 

There are books. Some better than others.

There is mindful walking. Mindful writing.

There is poetry.  

Mindfulness is uniquely important for adults and young adults alike. That’s what I tell my son. And he reluctantly agrees.

Think about the focus necessary to sit through, observe, and carry on anything from routine chores to issues of massive importance. Without mindfulness, we’re barely scratching the surface of so much there is to know and better understand. 

The mindfulness technique I like best — unlike my son — is meditation. Among other things, meditation helps me understand there is a level of maturity youngsters need to reach in order to appreciate the art of internal reflection coupled with breathing and soothing music.

So, I give him his space. For now. 

What about you, dear friend? How do you achieve mindfulness? 

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9 responses to “Mindfulness

  1. Thanks Silvia, a good reminder to be mindful of everything – what we say and do. I guess of our thoughts too – not to deny them but to mindful of them. Meditation works for me as a moment in time when even if for a nano-second, there is a moment of calm.

  2. Listening to someone read has a calming effect. It can be poetry, an article, or a short story. It gives you something to talk about afterwards, as well.

  3. If I’m stressed out and need to calm down, I take a break from whatever I’m doing and read from a favorite author. Sometimes I listen to an audiobook instead of reading one, but usually I like the words to dance across a page in front of me.

  4. As a parent of two teens, I’m on the lookout for ways to get them into awareness. Thanks for your post.

  5. Thanks for your post. Teens can be harder to encourage into mindfulness, I have managed to get all mine to eat chocolate mindfully though if that helps 😊

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