Stepping Back from Duties

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I turned on the news today, ready for traffic and weather. The latest on what’s going on in the middle east. The world. 

Within minutes, the talk turned to Harry and Meghan stepping back from royal duties. The shock. The dismay at an American woman stealing a British prince.

This could serve as great inspiration. We have to build our characters based of someone. Why not those beating up on famous figures? 

Later, I clicked through more articles on Harry and Meghan – don’t ask why – and one look at the comment section clarified these people’s desire to bail. The scrutiny and abuse, my goodness. The man is apparently not even in line of succession to the throne – outmoded a concept as that is – so why are folks bent out of shape?

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The money?

Some commentators are complaining about the money spent by the couple.

So, I found a page that broke down how much the royals cost the taxpayers. Around $1 per British family per year.

For one dollar per year, the professional commentators want ownership rights to the air these people breathe. They want to rip them to shreds on the international stage for everyone to see.

One commentator was asking for a refund from Harry and Meghan.

How much would that be? Three dollars for the past three years. For three dollars this woman felt entitled to leave several nasty comments.

Something tells me nothing, no amount returned, would shut her up.  

Another commentator referenced the Queen. How sorry he felt for her majesty. Does he think the Queen – a loving grandmother, we assume – enjoys seeing a family member abused in such a manner?

If for the Queen’s sake, then why not leave her grandson alone?

So my question, all the way from California, is: why the dreadful behavior among the public?  We were on the brink of war not long ago; there is serious conflict in the world. Serious illness. Despair. Don’t people have issues of their own to resolve?

Can’t be the $1 per year, or the saddened royals.  

If the royal family love their son/brother/grandson they would be hurt reading despicable comments, wouldn’t they?

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6 responses to “Stepping Back from Duties

  1. Oh man, I SO hear you. However, have you read Ken Follett’s Trilogy, as FALL OF GIANTS is Book One. It starts with the history of the UK along with the mindset of Russia, Europe, and the U.S. back before and including World War I. The mindset of the hierarchy in the UK is/was REALLY sad. Some of the leaders are still quite archaic as shown by the news. I take my hat off to Harry and Meghan for leaving the UK, but I don’t envy their going to L.A. as the press there can be equally as bad. The world definitely IS a traumatic place at the moment!!

    • No I haven’t read it, but can imagine. In East Europe, where I grew up, they chased the last king out of the country when the communists took over. UK is the exception. I couldn’t live under those rules. Sounds like, with the exception of the heir, everyone must follow orders, like it or not. Imagine being in your middle or old age and still having to run everything you do by the senior members of the family. Then being told no. Archaic for sure.

      • Yes, their life IS very archaic. It would be tough living by their rules. Heck, it was bad enough having to deal with my parents expectations let alone my grandparents, etc. Are the communists still in charge in Romania?

      • No, they were chased out of power in ’89 at the end of the Cold War. What goes around comes around, eh. :-)

  2. HI Silvia – I’m for our monarchy … obviously there are challenges – I hope things will sort themselves out … and I hope they’ll be happy – cheers Hilary

    • Hi Hilary. Now we know why state marriages don’t work. Particularly when raised American. I guess no one knows until they’re in it. Shame, though, all the media beating this couple receive. The monarchy will likely be fine. Thanks for commenting.

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