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The dream sat at the edge of my consciousness all morning.

Like a flickering lamp — flashes never materializing into a bright whole.

Of course not. I was awake.

By early afternoon only the memory remained. A night story of the mind. Subconsciousness riveted by life, maybe. This dream, broken and mysterious, stayed with me longer than any other during the wake state when dreams should be gone.

Will I ever see it again? 

Bokeh, Background, Light Reflections

Have you experienced persistent bits of dreams throughout the day? Not  memories, but fragmented bursts of the real deal that push to the surface of your mind at random times. Demanding attention. Then fading away. 

My grandmother, in the old country, used to interpret dreams in all forms. I think every woman her age did. She inspired the dream decoder character in my novel, Stranger or Friend.  

I remember her talking about chance encounters, the possibility of an argument in near future, a visitor — all read from dreams. Some things foretold happiness, others not so much. 

To my grandmother dreams in any form meant something. They were to be dissected, analyzed, discussed.

Those days are now a distant memory.

Wish I had listened closer.


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7 responses to “Dreams

  1. Me too–wish your grandmother could help with my dreams. Not too often but sometimes I can’t figure them out. Can you tweet her for your dream?

  2. I no longer dream very often, but when I do, the dreams can really be crazy. In the past, my dreams have connected me with my brother, who passed 26 years ago. My dreams usually have something to do with my stress, or they give me a hint as to what I need to do different with my life. All I have to do then is figure it all out!! ;-)

  3. Ah dreams! Your grandmother was write to talk/discuss about them. They are surely messages from your inner being, for you alone, the author of them. Decoding them for the metaphor they contain can be a puzzle, or doing the puzzle, putting little tiny bits in here and there. Sometimes the bits are placed incorrectly – but keep that image whatever it was, uppermost.

  4. right, not write! But write also fits …

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