The Beauty of Contrast

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We spent two days in San Diego after Christmas — an hour drive from Orange County, where we happened to celebrate the festivities. Arrived at the tail end of a storm, in time for sunshine galore. Didn’t need more than a light jacket.  

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An hour north of our house – which is an hour north of downtown L.A. – a whole different story was slowly emerging. One involving freezing temperatures and snow and freeway closures.    

There is beauty in contrast, I kept thinking while looking at the TV images — the scenery separated by a two-hour drive. I shifted my attention out the window at the blue sky and sun reflecting off the water. Then at the TV images.


Without cold we have no warmth, without darkness no light.

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The cold and snow north of us, I prefer experiencing both from afar, but love admiring their existence in such close proximity to a whole different climate.

Love the value of visual impact.

Art tells us to look for contrast in every aspect of life. In every aspect of daily existence.

Life is variety. Without it, we wouldn’t fully know or understand an experience.

The attraction of variety, contrast, is always invigorating. Nature does not for long allow a sameness of beauty to prevail.      

Virginia Garland



6 responses to “The Beauty of Contrast

  1. Boy, in the 17 years I lived in So. California I NEVER saw snow and some of my friends didn’t even know what snow looked like. I’m absolutely in shock that there was snow, but you managed to avoid it. Your son didn’t get to go sledding even – Bummer! However, I prefer the sun and blue skies to the snow. You had a lovely get-away! Happy New Year!

  2. So true. A big contrast. CA lovely and warm. MN a giant skating rink!!!

  3. Contrasts in Nature are so amazing! Sometimes subtle sometimes stark. Happy new year Silvia to you and family – may 2020 bring you plenty plenty 😀

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