Zing #atozchallenge

Fictional character traits

 Zing or zingy — super active, energetic personality.

Story characters are an exaggeration of real-life people done in ways we believe and marvel. I’m sure you know the super-active person: friend or relative or neighbor. The mom who does it all — kids, career, family. I know some, and always wonder, how do they do it?

In the I Don’t Know How She Does It, the title says is all.

Mom with two kids is the breadwinner of the family with the most demanding job. Instead of sleeping, she makes lists. She loves her job, but wishes she didn’t love it so much. And on and on. Oh, and she’s in great shape, and always well dressed. Exhausting, isn’t it?

~~  Well, talk about exhausting. I should’ve ended with Zapped, but I picked the title some time back, before the energy zapping occurred. So, here we are tired but feeling a great sense of accomplishment, ready to cross the finish line. Right? We did it!

I’ve enjoyed reading your comments, dear blogging friend, finding your posts in my feed, looking forward to what you wrote for the next letter and the next. I hope we continue to read each other’s blogs. If I haven’t followed you yet, I plan to go back through posts and do just that. Now, time to relax. Then, in the words of Soul II Soul: Back to life, back to reality … See you soon.


Images: Pixabay, wikipedia

16 responses to “Zing #atozchallenge

  1. I don’t know how we did it … congratulations Silvia for your always zippy posts. Thank you also for your support! I much enjoyed yours – I’m pretty zapped too … another letter to go, don’t forget … R for reflections .. :)

  2. I’ve learned so much from your posts, Silvia and thoroughly enjoyed each one. It’s funny that you say that you don’t know how zingy characters do it. It has always seemed to me that you are one of those zingy characters, capable of raising your family, writing books, and leaping tall buildings. It has been wonderful to meet you. You can certainly count on me continuing to read and comment on your blog.

  3. You definitely exhibit Zing! Your posts have been excellent, educational, enjoyable, and fun. Great job! Now, you can go collapse and take a LONG nap, as you deserve to be Zapped! Congratulations on finishing the 2018 A to Z Challenge. You deserve a Gold Star!!

  4. That was a good example, Silvia – I remember reading this book before the movie was released (book is usually better than movie!).

    Congratulations on finishing your A to Z posts! I know you put a lot of work into each one, and I’ve enjoyed reading them very much.

  5. Congratulations on such a good job with the A to Z challenge!

  6. Hi Silvia – it’s great you’ve given us loads of thoughts on characters and traits and films reflecting them … this last one too – sounds like a fun watch – without too many worries … probably best right now. Congratulations on getting to zing – for zapped and zipped out … I’ll see you around – cheers Hilary

  7. Well, I am certainly zapped right now! But it was fun and now over! Back to some normalcy. I read I Don’t Know How She Does It a while back. Written by a Brit from London, I believe. Such an entertaining book. I had no desire to see the movie . . . Cheers to another completed AtoZ, Silvia!

  8. That is a title that will resonate with so many of us working moms. A job you struggled to get balanced against kids. Somehow, it works out though, doesn’t it?

  9. Hi Silvia, character traits were an inspired choice for A-Z. I’ll have to go back and read your earlier posts. Late to the party but am visiting the other 13 bloggers noted as “no longer strangers” at Karen’s Profound Journey blog.

  10. Hi Silvia,

    First off… awesome name! I have twins, and one is named Silvia. Also with the i, not the y, like you. :)

    Second off… what an interesting theme you put together! I look forward to reading through each of the 26 letters to see the collection of characteristics you’ve assembled. What a great idea to include book and movie examples. I have to say, the xenoform is inspired. I would have had no idea what to write there, and it’s a great one!

    Your comment about zapped made me laugh. :)

    Great work with the challenge! Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment, and for being so awesome that Karen featured you at Profound Journey! She really is building quite the tribe.

  11. I think zing is the perfect word for when you feel your energy zapped but still an exhilarating burst of accomplishment. Zing!

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