Xenomorph #atzchallenge

Fictional character traits


Xenomorph which literally translates to strange form  (Greek xenos – strange, morphe – form)

We’re three letters away from The End, dear blogging friend, so I’m reaching a little with the impossible letter X.

Is this really a fiction characteristic … well, maybe, maybe not. It is, however, a true and existent character format — the alien.

Xenomorph: A highly aggressive endoparasitoid extraterrestrial species. The Xenomorphs are vicious predatory creatures with no higher goals than the propagation of their species and the destruction of anyone standing in the way.

That’s what Hollywood tells us, anyway.

The science fiction world is full of such characters, some more destructive than others. The genre is not a top choice, although I don’t mind watching the occasional film. I’ve chosen books upon recommendation, but most (Ray Bradbury being an exception) did not carry me to the end.

Maybe I haven’t come across the right xenomorph yet, one to keep me riveted. I’m open to suggestions.

Favorite in the sci-fi genre … well, I’m going to go with E.T.

The kid/alien scenes are darling. Then, again, Spielberg can take a grain of sand from the middle of the desert and develop it into the most compelling emotional character.


Images: pixabay


17 responses to “Xenomorph #atzchallenge

  1. I must confess that I am not a huge sci-fi fan, but I agree with your take on Spielberg and E.T. is a great choice.

  2. Great word, Silvia. I like some sci-fi, but not all! That movie The Shape of Water did not appeal to me at all. However, I love the Planet of the Apes movies and all things Star Trek.

  3. I think you did a great job with the reach, Silvia. Your closing compliment of Spielberg has to be one of the biggest, and certainly well-deserved, compliments any artist could ever receive.

  4. I’m not a sci-fi fan either. I agree with your ET or Disney’s Fantasy Characters… You have done a dynamite job of finding descriptive terms for fictional characters.

  5. Xenomorph works! Well done, Silvia. The end of the alphabet is always the trickiest. You’ve got this. xxx

  6. Hi Silvia – Xenomorph .. clever and well done … ET was/is a delight – cheers Hilary

  7. Hey, no spoilers for that as yet untitled grain of sand movie. It’s going to be epic.

  8. Great choice of word Silvia! Love your last sentence too!

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