Daring #atozchallenge

Fictional character traits

Daring — Bold, brave, dauntless

When we say daring we might think Batman or Superman, but I like internal bravery. A character holding a certain belief strongly, willing to endanger safety and life itself to see it come to fruition.

The character in Rosa Park, for example. A daring portrayal, not surprising given the real-life woman herself.  Angela Bassett, who always walks boldly into roles, proves how a character ought to be portrayed. Not by over acting. And likely not by accepting an overwritten script. By embracing the story, letting it be told via internal emotion done in measure.

Daring is also distance runner Steve Prefontaine (Jared Leto) who disregards conventional wisdom and follows his own plan: run as fast as you can. A hero among running enthusiasts. A champion’s champion who inspired runners and writers alike.

Or Julie Andrews, a singular onscreen presence in Victor Victoria (1892).

Andrews takes apart her character then puts it back together with layers of daring style and lighthearted comedy superbly written. Because any writer worth her salt knows a story, particularly one set in a cabaret, will bore the reader to tears if too serious.

We need balance.

In my view, this character, irrespective of what she endures, needs to be made whole again in life or in memoriam. This is the type of fictional character we root for.

Images: yahoo, pixabay, madevibrant

16 responses to “Daring #atozchallenge

  1. you have a unique approach to have different characters together…this is a wonderful post!!

  2. Gets my blood cells expanding – thanks Silvia …:)

  3. For a non-standard comic book example, I would go with Squirrel Girl who is brave and strong and fast but she has the boldness to often really talk to the supervillains she fights. She has been able to talk and listen to them and ends up convincing them to play nice for a change. As your examples show, it can be just as brave to not throw a punch sometimes.

  4. Yes, I LOVE a daring character. Have you watched Angela Bassett in her role as police officer in the program 9 1 1. She definitely shows her strong side, but also her emotional and loving side. Depth in the character is what makes them come alive. Great post!! Thanks!

  5. All three of these actors take on some different and daring roles, for sure. Great D day, Silvia!

  6. Dropping in on the A to Z. Read your posts and enjoying your theme very much. I’m that person that doesn’t write any fictional stories, but I know a good one when I read it. Your descriptions and examples are very spot on! This post in particular I think of all the daring women in The Help. The book is waaay better than the movie, but the movie is pretty good :)

  7. Great examples. Brave can come from ordinary people.

  8. I like the words daring and dauntless. They have more gravitas to me, more depth, than brave which feels overused or sometimes trivialized – like telling kids they are brave for getting their flu shot.

  9. Hi Silvia – well you are teaching me things here … I haven’t seen Rosa Parks – but can quite understand the character … much like the English Suffragette one’s recently remembered … cheers Hilary

  10. Yes, it is the daring characters who win the day. :) Without them, we’d have no one to root for.

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