I’m in Love with Words

I am in love with words.  Blunt statements go far, so why not start the day with one?

I love how simple words strung together can express thoughts and feelings; how those same words can take on a different meaning depending on what part of the world we live in, or what we’ve gone through in the past.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Language is too.

Turning words to the left or to the right, looking at them upside down and using them like they’ve never been used before — I think that’s love, and art.

Words are always expressed with intention and expectation. They invite audiences in, sometimes seductively enticing us on a journey or fighting us into submission to hear what cannot be ignored.

Does one have to be good with words to love them? I don’t think so. I listen to music all the time. Except for one basic guitar chord, I can’t play instruments. Can’t write songs.

Words. They’re all about rhythm and intonation and meaning.

Especially meaning. Yes, words can cut deep. They can fill us with hope and love. Lift us or plunge us into despair. Some folks argue it’s all about attitude — and sure, there’s truth there — but I think manipulation of words can make all the difference.

So, yes, I love dissecting, stringing together, poring over words (I know, I should get out more). Most of all, I love words in visual story format that works better than movies.

I love discovering new words. Recently, I discovered soporose (sleepy, in an unusual deep sleep). At the same time, I love simple words strung together just so.


Keys / open / deep-seated /                                        memories-long dead

Tell me about words you love or hate. New discoveries, or lovely, old memories.

17 responses to “I’m in Love with Words

  1. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    Call over and tell Silvia about words you love or hate. New discoveries, or lovely, old memories. 😎

  2. I hate it when people use the word “unique” incorrectly. They use it to mean “special” or “extraordinary.” (Why not just use those words!) “Unique” means one-of-a-kind. And how in the world can someone or something be “very unique,” very one-of-a-kind? Come on, now…

  3. Oh, how I love this. You describe the simple yet powerful effect of words beautifully. Thank you.

  4. Your post is thought-provoking and powerful. What is funny, to me, is that where I love words, I’m more interested in quotes or sayings as I have them spread around my desk. People use words in interesting ways, but I think it is fun to read.

  5. Hah, no fun memories just now but thought I’d tell you, when I saw the title to this post, I thought you were talking about the game “Words.” Words with Friends. Fun game but I never have time to play anymore. :-)
    Nice post.

  6. I love words too. I could not live without them.

  7. There’s infinite joy to be had in putting words together in ways that have a certain effect. Of course, that effect also depends on the reader and their own experiences, which is another aspect I love.

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