Quotidian Bits

April is sneaking up on us, dear blogging friend, and we all know what that means in Blog Land: the A to Z Challenge — an annual  extravaganza. Or, a full month of giving our blood, sweat, and tears. Ha ha.

After four years of participation, I have to take this year off.

However, I will not completely step away from blogging. No way. I plan to visit you as much as possible. Just can’t give it my all as work, travel plans, and overall life craziness demand my attention. 

To feel connected to the A-Z Challenge (and all of you), I will have a feature called Quotidian Bits — not a daily blogging event, but I plan to post often in April.

What exactly is Quotidian Bits? Occasional posts featuring daily images I snap here and there (like the one above) and short descriptions. (Sunset: explosion of colors in the sky. The poetry of our world).  So, Quotidian Bits is nothing long or overwhelming. I know how crazy April can get around here.

See you around, dear friends.

Love & hugs, and I leave you with another quotidian image: yours truly at work.

@work: when the creative juices flow


12 responses to “Quotidian Bits

  1. I look forward to the quotidian bits Silvia! Gorgeous top and bottom photos!

  2. I’m glad you’ll still be here, in the blogosphere, even if you’re taking a break from A-Z.

  3. I definitely am taking a break from A – Z this year, but maybe I should write about hip replacement! (I’m joking!) I look forward to your quotidian bits!

  4. Sometimes taken some breaks is good allow us to charge our spiritual batteries. Silvia nice to see you again. You are an Amazing Writer.

  5. Hi Silvia – the A-Z is great … but I can understand it takes time – I needed to step away last year … so this year I’m ready to go … see you soon and Quotidian bits looks to be fascinating … cheers Hilary

  6. Without a linky sign-up this year, it feels like less energy for the A to Z challenge. I’m thinking of making it a photo challenge. Photo and caption. Need to work on it.

  7. Enjoy your travels, Silvia, but stay safe. BTW, love the pic of you in this post. How do you keep your desk so clean–not a single post-it note in sight. Yay you!

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