Hello November


Welcome to November — the month of gratitude, holy souls, and vacations.

Arriving at this point feels as though life is moving way too fast. Here we are, near the end of yet another year. Ready to embark on a shopping spree, if we haven’t already. Planning time with family, ready to say thanks.  

This year, I’m extra thankful for the arrival of November. Our extremely long election season will soon be over. Come what may, we have to go on with our lives and embrace a time of tradition and joy.

Here are some of my favorite things about November (in no particular order):


Everyone is eagerly looking forward to the festivities, don’t you think? The twinkly lights in the trees, the dazzling shop windows and bright Christmas illuminations, you can’t help but love November.


Mmm, all that food. From pumpkin pie to hot chocolate topped with cream to mulled wine to creamy mash – are you drooling yet?

More Sleep

Thanks to the clocks going back, even your punishing 6 am start doesn’t feel so punishing.

More time to write/create 

More time spent indoors translates to more writing. A welcomed change for the busy writer. So, no excuses; get that project done. 


This is a big one. With festivities including parades and monumental meals, the whole land is celebrating.


Here, in Southern California, fall foliage isn’t as spectacular as in other parts of the country. We do have some, but its beauty pales in comparison to anything in New England, for example. But, big BUT, the heat has died down, and we’re enjoying perfect temperatures. Chilly mornings and evenings, and perfection in the afternoon. And hopefully, just hopefully, tis the rain season. Fingers crossed.

How about you? What do you like most about the month of November? Or what do you like least, for that matter?


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17 responses to “Hello November

  1. Lotsa food! Actually I like seeing so many members of the family more than anything, but the food is a welcome bonus. :-)

  2. This is a delightful post and I’m so glad you are so excited about the holidays. I have six birthdays to worry about now. Plus, all that is on my plate you may hear a BAH HUMBUG coming from this direction. ;-) Have fun!

  3. Hi Silvia – November does bring warm memories of frosty days, leaves crackling under foot … and lots to do ahead .. enjoy November -cheers Hilary

  4. You did a great job summarizing what I like about November, Sylvia. What I don’t like is that we have to close our pool so I can’t swim any more. I was in yesterday but it was 65 and too cold to swim in the already chilly air! I hope you enjoy the next couple of months to their fullest!
    About the food…how can I avoid it?

    • Ha, the food, the food, the food. :) No avoiding, don’t even try. I won’t. Sorry about the closure of your pool. We got hit with the Santa Anas again, so warm temps and allergies about to kick in. But should go back to the high of 70s soon. Enjoy the season!

  5. The crunch of leaves underfoot,
    The smell of impending snow,
    The quieting of city traffic,
    And seeing one’s breath in the morning’s glow.
    I look forward to family and easy remembrances,
    Delights for the stomach and food for the soul.
    But most of all, I remember November
    As a child once dreamed of it so long ago.

  6. I love November because of the fresh winter. I just fantasise upcoming December in November. I am in love with cold winter, the warm clothes, the high-necks, woollen shirts, and the smoke from chimneys (on top of the roof).

  7. I’m in love with November already! Different reasons to be sure. Wonderful much needed soaking rains last night with all the dramatic rumblings of thunder and lightning; the release of the Gupta Gate report yesterday by our Public Protector which incriminates many at the highest level in our govt including the pres., and which shows that justice does prevail and that people can and do come together to protest. The beautiful gardens and trees in full summer bloom – but a bit of a concern also as to how fast this year is sliding by :) Love Billy Lyn Jensen’s poem – and all the other comments. Thanks Silvia! Enjoy it all :)

  8. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Our fall colors are already done. We’ve turned to brown. We relish each day that stays above freezing! This has been an exhausting and exasperating election season. Hoping the nationwide angst will calm once it’s over.

    • Mary, it’s probably been the most exhausting election season in quite some time. But … the end is in sight, thank goodness.
      I love Thanksgiving as well, all the food and family, something to keep us warm figuratively. Thank you for stopping by.

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