Blurred Reality


How much of ourselves do we put in our stories?

Something I asked on this site not long ago.  Responses varied from not much to everything, and I appreciate your candid answers. 

Here is my take:  from a writer’s standpoint, short stories have a certain effect on me, somewhat different from novels. They take a peek inside, if you will, reach the broken, the defeated, the cautiously hopeful and happy parts of the self.

BLURRED REALITY, a short story about family and relationships, did exactly that while taking shape, before it decided to be something else; to take a familiar yet different course. Sure, the story portrays people I know, but it’s not their story — it’s not entirely about them — because, as we know, art takes a form of its own in the end, irrespective of our intentions.  It grows into something sufficiently distant from reality in order to exist.

So, allow me, dear blogging friends, to present BLURRED REALITY, a short story, published by Solstice Publishing, now available in ebook format.

Here he stood, his life a muddle of thoughts worsened by anger that had been stealing his peace since childhood. He should turn around. Go home and forget. Life had been good lately—a wife, a baby on the way, a well-paying job. Behind this door, he’d find a drunkard who had mistreated everyone and robbed them of a sense of family.

For more, visit:  BLURRED REALITY


18 responses to “Blurred Reality

  1. It’s on my kindle! I look forward to reading it – though all a bit slow and behind on my side :)

  2. I don’t own any ebook readers so I’m disappointed that I can’t read the entire story. Your short blurb, hooked me though! Great job!

  3. Will download ASAP. You are such a good writer – I am looking forward to a real treat!

  4. Preoccupation with health issues is on my front-burner, so unable to comment fully. Your topic, Silvia, is vital! I agree that art takes a form all of it’s own. I have been conscious of choosing an over-view structure in my writing that is analogous to a classical music composition, i.e., short chapters that quickly let the impact flow in a forward direction, and sometimes variations of a single theme you can sense in different chapters (such as awe of life and nature), and occasionally lots of concrete detail that will flesh out and explain so that there is a lasting impression, e.g., if a surgeon needed to operate on the thyroid gland, there are so many arteries and veins and ligaments in a small space such as the neck, I would mention several people at once working with surgical tools to separate and make clearances BEFORE a scalpel is used therapeutically.

  5. I might also have added that a surgeon who specializes in surgery within the neck would guide the team, because of many years of experience, and he/she would be alert to the possibility that different patients will have somewhat different appearances of the interior anatomy.

    • Joseph, your words sing and tell a great story all at once. I truly appreciate each and every one of them as you string them together into a symphony of sorts — of joy and bits of sadness. I sure hope you’ll start feeling better very soon. Too bad health issues kept you down. And please share a link to your stories with us when you can.

  6. Just started reading BLURRED REALITY on my Kindle – – – Powerful, Dynamic writing. Extremely hard to force myself to pause & get on with my planned essential tasks!

  7. The best link I can think of at the moment is provided.
    I hope this works out!

  8. Aletheiamed31 might work

  9. Connecting things together at this point, in June 2012 I copyrighted my manuscript, DIABETES IN CROSSHAIRS, A Map of My Personal Journey, , published by Aletheiamed Press, LLC. The manuscript was sent to different readers for endorsements of the book. The 2nd Edition (Kindle) was placed into the marketplace June 2014 by Amazon. com. The Preface to the 2nd Edition states that, “The style of this book is intentionally written to give you the feeling you are on a travel tour with one short chapter rapidly coming after the other. There are surprises to be expected along the way.” In 2016, I am in working on a blog-site with The name Aletheiamed31 identifies this undertaking.

    Joe Rubin

  10. Hi Silvia,

    I have nominated you for this year’s Liebster Award. If you decide to accept, the instructions are at my blog website:


    –I am running behind on my blog reading. I will catch up soon and be back. I always enjoy your posts.

  11. It is a nice blog… Blurred reality…

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